Environmental Protection In China

Edit:青岛腾禹环保     Date:2015-01-04

Due to the growing harsh contradiction between economic growth and environmental contamination in China, various local environmental protective policies have been published. From the Northeast China‘s Songhua River to East China‘s Huai River, new policies are making great improvement to the local environment.

The paper making industry causes great contamination to the environment by pouring polluted water into river systems. 

In East China‘s Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the tens of paper-making factories which line the Kui river caused significant damage by dumping their waste directly into the water.

To solve the pollution problem, the local government decided to shut down all paper-making factories, even those who met the national discharge limits.

Radical changes have now been made to protect the environment. Huai‘an, a neighboring city next to Xuzhou, introduced new measures which are proving effective. 

The new measure‘s called "River Responsible Person" where a local person is tasked with being responsible for a certain section of the river. This person has to hand in some money as a margin. And, if water contamination problems aren‘t solved, the margin is gone. Since this new measure was introduced, water problems that‘ve existed for years are finally being fixed.

A water contamination problem also exists in Northeast China‘s Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province. Recently, one of Heilongjiang‘s largest polluting source - the Local Sugar Company, was shut down by the government for over-polluting.

Chang wenxing, Vice Director of Local Protection Bureau, said, "In the old times, the measures were much lighter. But now, the factory will be shut down if discharge limits are not met in time. The factory will pay more attention and take action immediately."

To deal with environmental contamination problems, more and more policies have been introduced in recent years. They not only improve the environment, but also local resident‘s awareness of environmental protection.

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