The development of key areas opening focusing water industry trend Chinese Water Expo

Edit:青岛腾禹环保     Date:2015-01-04

China Water Expo recently held in Beijing International Conference Center, the ninth session of the Chinese (International) water Summit Forum is held in the same period. Forum on "deepening reform to promote the construction of Ecological Civilization -- water" theme, the development trend of the key areas of focus of water industry Chinese, forward-looking information transfer quality.

Chinese by China Institute of water resources and Water Expo Frankfurt Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Co host. 320 companies from 25 countries and regions attended the Water Expo, display products and technology covering the water (water industry), information and automation equipment, instrument and meter, water saving and water purification and other fields.

Botian environmental group senior vice president of Miao winter plateau as the guests of the water for the opening ceremony of the Expo, address water and held in the same period peak forum. Miu Dongyuan says when accepting a reporter to interview, prior to this, the State Council executive meeting proposed to promote the pollution of the environment the third party governance, is a powerful stimulus for the environment service industry. Affected by the national policy of positive, there will be more and more social capital to enter the environmental service industry.

"But the process is slow, do not appear similar to the kind of blowout type development of desulfurization and denitration industries. "Miao winter Yuan said, the future, regional environmental governance, environmental consulting, environmental services will become a hot spot of the development of environmental protection industry.

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