Environmental Protection Facility Operation

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一、Operation purpose -- Specification Management, reduce operating costs, create benefit.

二、Operating characteristics

    1、The purpose of operation service:standardize the management, lower the running cost,create benefits. 

    2、Rich experiences. Since the foundation of 2002, we have gained rich experiences in this regard. 
    3、Lower the operation cost. Enhance running efficiency, utilize the resources to the fullest, and decrease the waste during the operation. 
    4、Strong technical support. Please refer to technical support.
    5、Create benefits. Heat recovery from wastewater, energy conservation and emission reduction. 
    6、Complete detection facilities. We have standardized test and repair facilities, and could detect the sewage around the clock.  
    7、Full repair facilities. Service call is available around the clock.We could repair the 2 projects at the same time. 
    8、Complete site management and guidance. 
    9、Features of management: tidy, economic, standard, satisfied. 

三、Service promise

Let the owner rest assured, manage the sewage treatment plant  according to the requirement, otherwise we should undertake all the losses.

Reference List:

Qingdao Zhenzhen Food Co., Ltd. Operation department. 
Qingdao Diaisheng Co.,Ltd. Sewage Operation Department. 

(1) Flotation Processing Equipment
The products are mainly divided into two parts: automatic constant pressure dissolved air flotation series and CAF Series.

The dissolved air flotation equipment developed by Tengyu solves many problems of the traditional flotation and realizes automatic constant pressure control, which also minimizes labor intensity. TY-III-type air releasing device can save 30% energy consumption, the amount of micro-bubble increases by 18%.

CAF‘s core technology is a micro-bubble generator, Tengyu developed low-power bubble generator whose main body is made of stainless steel. The wearing parts are made of PTFE material with long service life.

1、CAF equipment in the Qingdao Phoenix Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd

2、Automatic constant pressure dissolved air flotation equipment in the Qingdao Phoenix Meihao Printing&Dyeing Co., Ltd. 

(2)High Concentration Wastewater Integrated Processing Device

This product is mainly aimed to treat the water with high concentration and small volume. By using the integrated device, it is easy to do the automatic control, products differ from one ton per day to one hundred tons per day, covering area could be saved 55%-75% than the traditional process.

(3)TYM High efficiency Decolorizing flocculant.
Considering that the traditional flocculant has higher cost and lower treatment efficiency, Tengyu invents the high efficiency flocculant to treat the special wastewater. 


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