Biomass Energy and resources recycle

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Qingdao Tengyu Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. undertakes large biogas projects in farms based on the thought of building energy ecology projects. Anaerobic digestion process is applied to treat the wastes in farms and the biogas as byproducts is utilized as energy, the slags, biogas slurry and biogas slag are used as fertilizer for the farms.



Inner Mongolia Changyuan Agriculture&Farming Technology Co.,ltd. Biogas Project
The dairy farms biogas project for Inner Mongolia Xilinhot Plough Company 
Biogas Project in Inner Mongolia Tiangang Diary Farm Co.,Ltd. In Hohhot 
The large-scale biogas projects for Xiangru, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Agricultural Breeding Co., Ltd.
The large-scale biogas projects for green mask dairy Co., Ltd.
The large-scale biogas projects of swine farms for the Danlinsaiheng in Cosby.
Qingdao Fresh Bio-energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd. Biogas and Wastewater Treatment Integrated Project

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