Exhaust gas treatment project

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There are mainly in the exhaust pollutants particulate matter, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds, organic compounds, carbon monoxide, halogen and its compounds.

The Teng Yu environmental protection exhaust gas management core process:

Dust exhaust gas collecting hood: "efficient dust + TY + fan"

Organic waste gas collecting hood: "+ TY efficient purification device + fan"

TY-G1 carrier is the development of a new generation of Teng Yu company for adsorption field environmental governance absorption carrier, the carrier has the advantages of large surface area, adsorption and absorption of fast, small resistance, can be processing is widely applied to multiple odor, poisonous and harmful organic waste gas, and is a replacement product of the traditional adsorption carrier update.

TY high efficient purification device with built-in TY-G1 adsorption and absorption carrier, waste gas treatment has been successfully applied in fine chemical, paint, leather auxiliaries, sewage treatment and other fields.

Demonstration project:

Qingdao Phoenix printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd sewage station waste gas treatment project;

Derui leather technology (Qingdao) and packaging project of tail gas treatment engineering of leather auxiliaries Co. ltd.;

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