Noise Control Project

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(1)Sound absorption

When the sound wave is incident to the surface portion of the sound, it can be absorbed by the object transforming into other forms of energy, known as the sound absorbing. The sound absorbing properties of the material can be represented by absorption coefficient, the greater the sound absorption coefficient, the better the sound absorption performance of the material. The nature of the sound absorption properties of the material is relative to the material structure, the angle of incidence of the sound wave and the frequency of the acoustic wave. The mechanism of porous sound-absorbing material is as this: the material interior has inter-connected holes and the sound entering the small pore causes air movement within the pore. Due to friction and viscous resistance, the air close to wall and the fiber surface does not move easily, thus sound energy is transformed into heat energy. Therefore, the good performance of sound-absorbing material should be porous, and the interior holes shall be inner connected. Also the holes shall be connected to the outside world so that the sound waves can enter the material.

(2) The Noise Insulation 
The method of sound insulation is to close the sound source, and confine the noise source in a small space, such a sound proof structure called soundproof cover. When acoustic wave encountered blocks, part of the incident acoustic energy is reflected and part is absorbed due to the change of the impedance of the interface. Sound insulation properties of the material can be represented by the sound transmission coefficient. The smaller sound transmission coefficient, the less penetrating sound energy is. Sound insulation capability is closely related to the sound insulator structure, nature and frequency of the incident sound waves.

(3)Noise Elimination 
The muffler is a porous sound-absorbing material which could be fixed in the passage or tube. Muffler could reduce 10 to 50 dB sound.

Noise control products: composite acoustic panels and efficient insulation board, multi-functional shock pad

Demonstration projects:

The blower noise control engineering for Dongyi Thermal Power Hi-Tech Heating Co., Ltd., 
The air-conditioned room noise control engineering for Zhuoyue blue Islands;
The printing press room noise control engineering for Peninsula Metropolis Daily;
The Noise Control Engineering for Qingdao brewery Co., Ltd;
The lime mixing station noise control engineering for Dongyi Thermal Power Co., Ltd., 

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