Aquatic Product Wastewater

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The features of aquatic products:
The temperature is low
High concentration of COD and good biodegradability.
High concentration of nitrogen ammonia
High concentration of suspended solids.

The core technological process: oil separator+coagulation air flotation+A/O+advanced treatment process. 

1、Qingdao Zhenzhen Food Co.,Ltd. Acquatic product wastwater Treatment Project 

2、Qingdao Public Bonded Warehouse Co.,Ltd. Acquatic Product Processing Wastewater Treatment Project.

Qingdao Zhenzhen Food Co.,Ltd.sea products processing Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Public bonded warehouse Aquactic Processing Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Gaolilai Food Co.,Ltd.Aquatic Food Processing Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Wanhe Food Co.,Ltd. Aquatic products Wastewater Treatment Project.
Qingdao Guangda Aquatic Products Processing Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project
Qingdao Biwan Sea Products Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Guangtong refrigeration processing Co., aquatic products processing wastewater treatment project
Qingdao Shangma aquatic products processing wastewater treatment engineering Co., Ltd

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