Seaweed Processing Wastewater

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The Features of Seaweed Processing Wastewater:
high concentration of suspended solids, which has a high requirement for pretreatment.
The main organic matters are fibers,protein,slags etc., which have bad biodegradability.
Sterilization, solid color process using formaldehyde, negative effect on microbial growth, the need for the anaerobic decomposition.

The use of formaldehyde on the sterilization and color fixing process has a negative impact on the growth of microorganisms, so that anaerobic decomposition is required.

Key treatment process flow is as follows: "Combination of pretreatment of precipitation+ ABR+aerobic biological treatment + floatation advanced treatment", which makes sure that the discharge wastewater meets the water quality standards.


The seaweed wastewater treatment project for Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Co., Ltd.

The seaweed wastewater treatment project for Yangfeng Plant of Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Co., Ltd.

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