1Wastewater Treatment Project

    ※The water with high concentration of suspended solids has high requirement for pre-treatment. ※ The organic matters are mainly fibers, protein,slags ect. Which is hard to degrade. ※  Formaldehyde is used in the sterilization which is harmful to the microorganisms.

    2Exhaust Gas Treatment

    In the exhaust gas treatment, our company introduces the advanced technology as well as develop independently pollution control technology. At the same time...

    3Noise Control Project

    Our company cooperates with the institutes in China and gained rich experiences.We develop new technology and attaches great importance to the transition of technology to real projects...

    4Biogas Project

    Our company is specialized in the development&utilization,consultancy, engineering of biomass energy. Our company has patented technology on biogas tank and biogas holder and could undertake medium to big projects. Especially...


    Our company owns the certificate of environmental pollution treatment facility operation issued by the ministry of environmental protection and project quality and AAA certificate of china environmental pollution treatment...

    6Recycled resources

    Recycled resources, are the waste produced during daily life which has lost the original usage value and after being recycled and processed, they could regain the usage value. The recycled resources have been one strategy of global sustainable development...

    7Solar Power Generator System

    Qingdao Tengyu Environmental Protection co., LTD is committed to the development of solar power generation system enterprise. We have a strong technical force and capital, constantly expand the business scope and rich customer resources. Company business scope covers: the development of solar power generation system, consulting, design, construction and supervision. It mainly includes solar power system equipment design, development, procurement, complete set, installation, commissioning and solar power system construction and operation of the project, etc. We established a series of business process and management system: the early

about us

Teng Yu Qingdao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, is a modern enterprise management system in strict accordance with the established high-tech joint-stock enterprise, specializing in environmental technology research and development, technical consulting, sewage and gas engineering design, engineering and commissioning, equipment manufacturing and maintenance facilities operations and so on.