Wastewater Treatment Project


Tengyu has been dedicating to the development of environmental protection in China. We insist on the principle of "technology guides the practices,practices check technology", develop the technology continuously and gain practical experiences.We try to develop economical and efficient technology and equipments to serve customers.

Water treatment projects are Tengyu‘s main business, we have rich experiences and many projects in the water sector, like feedwater treatment,water distribution system, wastewater treatment, rainwater reuse, reuse of reclaimed water, heat energy utilization for the wastewater.We provide services like consultancy, R&D of facilities, proposal presentation,engineering of drawings, commissioning,operation&management etc.

1、Feedwater Treatment 
To satisfy the needs of society, large quantity of water has to be drilled. There are many harmful chemicals in the water which must be treated to the standard. 

Our business includes industrial pure water, demineralization of industrial water,treatment of cooling water,  fluoride removal  of drinking water etc.



        1)pure water production.                                                                2)deminiralization and soften of water.

        3)Treatment of circulation cooling water.                                        4)Treatment of drinking water.


2、Water transportation and distribution system
The the function of water distribution system is to pressurize the water in pipes to relieve the water from pollution. The distribution system includes feed pipes, distribution pipes, pumps stations, water tower, water tank. 

Our company could provide services like engineering of pump station, arrangement of pipelines, technological and economical analysis etc.

3、Wastewater Treatment 
The wastewater comprises of sewage and industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater includes agriculture wastewater and medical waterwater ect. The sewage comes from the daily life. The industrial wastewater contains many pollutants and it is hard to treat.

Tengyu has long been dedicating to the treatment of wastewater and has made great achievement in this regard. Tengyu has ever executed projects from different sectors like textile plant, food&beverage plant, pesticide chemical plant, biological plant etc. Tengyu‘s service has got favorable comments from customers around china.

In the wastewater sector, company business includes consultancy, engineering, commissioning of the  municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment,medical wastewater treatment etc.

5)Sewage Treatment Project:
Qingdao Maoyuan Purified Water Co.,Ltd.    Shanxi Datang Power Plant Sewage Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Miyou Shoes Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Sewage Treatment Project   Qingdao Anon Shopping Mall Sewage Treatment Project.
6)Medical Wastewater Treatment Project:
Qingdao Central Hospital Sewage Treatment Project   Qingdao Children Hospital Sewage Treatment Project 
Qingdao Steel Group Workers‘ Hospital Sewage Treatment Project.   Qingdao Laoshan Hospital Wastewater Membrane Wastewater Treatment Project.
7)Industrial Wasteater Treatment Project:
Qingdao Fenghuang Dyeing Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.    Qingdao Hongguan Knitting Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.
Qingdao Fenghuangmeihao Dyeing Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.   Weihai Nite Clothing Co.,Ltd. Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Yellow Sea Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Project.    Qingdao Lianchuang Industry Co.,Ltd. Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Project
Yantai Taihang Dye Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.    Weihai Beer Group Wastewater Treatment Project.  
Qingdao Starfish Food Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.    Qingdao Jihe Food Co.,Ltd. Bean Products Wastewater Treatment Project.  
Jining Liangshanhaohan Starch Wastewater Treatment Project   Qingdao Gaolilai Food Co.,ltd. Aquatic Products Processing Wastewater Treatment Project. 
Qingdao Wanhe Food Co.,Ltd. Aquatic Products Processing Wastewater Treatment Project   Qingdao Zhenzhen Food Co.,Ltd. Aquatic Products Processing Wastewater Treatment Project.
Qingdao Guangtong Refrigeration Co.,Ltd. Aquatic Products Processing Wastewater Treatment Project.   Qingdao Shangma Aquatic Products Processing Co.,ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project.
Qingdao Mingyue Seaweed Co.,Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Project 3rd Stage.    Qingdao Baoku Optics Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Wastewater Treatment Project.
Zibo Xinhua Pharmacy Co.,Ltd Wastewater With Phenol,Nickel Treatment Project    

4、Reuse of rainwater 
The shortage of water has been a worldwide problems. The increase of populations and the development of economy has worsen the shortage of rainwater. It is indicated that the shortage of water will come to peak in 2013. The reuse of rainwater has been a new way of water resources utilization.

The rainwater utilization mainly comprise of collection,storage,treatment,reuse. Tengyu could offer solutions on the above process and provice our products and services.

5、Reuse of Reclaimed water. 
Reclaimed water or recycled water, is the wastewater (sewage) that is treated to remove solids and impurities, and used in sustainable landscaping irrigation, to recharge groundwater aquifers, to meet commercial and industrial water needs, and for drinking.

The reclaimed water system includes treatment of reclaimed water, disinfection,pipelines of water, facilities.Our company could provide complete solutions 

The reference of reclaimed water:

        Qingdao Huihaishanzhuang Reuse of Claimed Wastewater Project. 
        Qingdao Beer Group NO.4 plant reuse of reclaimed wastewater.
        Qingdao Qianhai Garden Reuse of Reclaimed wastewater project.
        Qingdao Yangguangshanzhuang Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater Project.

6、Utilization of energy in wastewater 
Sewage is a kind of waste but also a kind of valuable resource.The municipal sewage has the features of large quantity,stable quality,and the temperature of which varies between 13-15. With the development of society, the waste heat ration of municipal sewage will increase every year. To recycle and utilize the waste heat, the municipal waste is an important resources.

Wastewater heat pump is the choice to utilize the heat.Wastewater source heat pump is a kind of heat pump which could transfer the heat energy.Compared with other heat energy, the difficulty is to keep the pump from clogging,scaling,corrosion.

Considering the features of municipal sewage, we design the heat pump system and solve the key problems which could make the reuse of heat an reality.




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