Our company owns the certificate of environmental pollution treatment facility operation issued by the ministry of environmental protection and project quality and AAA certificate of china environmental pollution treatment, we could provide services for the operation and management of wastewater treatment plant around china. 


Our company has advanced technology and complete testing facilities and operation systems, we could lower the running cost of wastewater treatment plant and enhance the running efficiency.

 We have ever provide the operation services to many companies.Through our efforts, the wastewater could meet the stringent discharge standard without any safety accidents and shutdown. The project achieves great economic and social benefits. 

To assure the customer, our company stick to the rules to manage the plant and undertake the risks and losses it may occur.

    We provide the following services according to customers‘ requirement:

        (1)Operation management of facilities.

                 Our company send engineers to the site to manage the facilities,like maintenance,water sample testing,commissioning,dosage,dewatering of sludge etc.

        (2)Treatment process optimization

                 Our engineers could visit the site an optimize the operation parameters according to the sample testing result the the treatment result.

        (3)wastewater transportation&treatment service 

                 When accidents happen and the treatment facilities could not work, our company could help transport the wastewater to our own treatment plant to get rid of pollution.


about us

Teng Yu Qingdao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, is a modern enterprise management system in strict accordance with the established high-tech joint-stock enterprise, specializing in environmental technology research and development, technical consulting, sewage and gas engineering design, engineering and commissioning, equipment manufacturing and maintenance facilities operations and so on.