Talent Center

The employees from Tengyu takes their own duties but they share one goal: To satisfy customers‘needs.

The corporate culture of Tengyu help create a pleasant and active atmosphere in company, the employees respect each other and coordinate to achieve a goal.

Fundamentally, to provide good environment and pleasant atmosphere in our company shall be based on the profits of company. To achieve company‘s goal, our company drafted corporate policies.The policies place the emphasis on the regulations and daily behaviors.


1、Employees shall be active and intimate to take part in an activity.

2、The corporate‘s whole interest shall be considered firstly and employees shall cooperate with each.
3、Regard customers as our partners and try to provide premium services and products for our partners.
4、Excellent business philosophy.

5、In our company, the relationships between employees shall be based on the following points:

     ——All the communications, no matter in oral or written form, shall be based on the reality.

     ——Friendship exists beyond hostility. In communications, direct and specific way is advocated.
     ——Respect the opinions and thoughts from everyone.
     ——Insist on noble values and moral rules.

about us

Teng Yu Qingdao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001, located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, is a modern enterprise management system in strict accordance with the established high-tech joint-stock enterprise, specializing in environmental technology research and development, technical consulting, sewage and gas engineering design, engineering and commissioning, equipment manufacturing and maintenance facilities operations and so on.